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KPI Solutions is a Management Consulting company that was founded to support clients in optimising processes and improving profitability. We are located in Ontario, Canada. We work with enterprises in many industries including aerospace, automotive, chemical, commercial products, construction, distribution, energy, food, forest products, health care, industrial supply, logistics, manufacturing, manufacturing support, mining, municipal, paper & packaging, pharmaceutical, printing, technology, telecommunications, textile, transportation and warehousing. We draw on decades of experience in all areas of manufacturing to identify areas of opportunity, and develop & implement unique and cost effective solutions that will enable both continuous improvements and increased profitability. Supporting the implementation of lean methodologies is included in our portfolio.



Operational Assessments & Lean

Are you interested in finding out how your operation compares to world class organisations? Would you like to know where to invest your valuable resources? What activities should be undertaken? And how should the activities be prioritized? KPI Solutions will use a customized assessment index to assess each client’s operation using the balanced scorecard approach by rating the current state in the areas of: productivity, delivery, cost, quality, safety, advanced technologies & morale against recognized industry benchmarks. Based on the assessment result, practical, unique and cost effective solutions would be developed and implemented. The solutions could include developing, documenting and following standard operating procedures, implementing best practices (such as lean manufacturing techniques) and delivering training and development opportunities to employees on the required skills.


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